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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be the owner of the work I upload?

Yes. It's important that you are the owner of every part of the work uploaded. This way the buyers can download your work with confidence. This also relates to any other parts of your work. For example, if you have used an image in your artwork, make sure you have the right to do so.

Why do I need to label my work and add descriptions?

The more information you can give about an artwork, the more chance you have of it being found in search. Descriptions will also help attract buyers to download your artwork.

How much can artists make using the site?

The site offers 30% on image sales to the artist. We believe that this offer is sustainable to launch Artwork Bazaar and keep operations running, however there is future potential for this amount to be increased. Once we have a bit of history, and see what the figures are, we will revisit artists fees and, if viable, we will nudge it upwards.

What format do you accept for artwork uploads?

We only accept PNG format.

Why do buyers have to complete the 'image use' box?

The artworks on this site are all reasonably priced and it is the intention that downloaded items are not reused without being repurchased. We ask for information regarding how the downloaded images are to be used to protect the community of artists on this site and the work they create.

What makes Artwork Bazaar different?

There are numerous image libraries online but it can be difficult to find exactly what you need, pricing structures are often convoluted and licensing details are usually complicated. Artwork Bazaar is not just another image library, it's a community. Unlike the online image banks that you have used previously, Artwork Bazaar manage content for quality as well as suitability, meaning that this marketplace is specifically geared towards the needs of film, TV, theatre and events.

What artwork can I upload?

In short, pretty much anything that could be used in a film, TV show or commercial, as long as you own it and it doesn’t contain any copyrighted elements. We’re talking product packaging, posters, signs, bills, point of sale signs… if you can picture it on film, then get it into a picture. If you’re looking for inspiration, browse our categories to see what other designers have uploaded.